In the event of a fire, when the pressure is on, do the people around you know how to help save lives and property? Do you?

While it may look simple, actually employing firefighting techniques such as discharging a fire extinguisher isn’t always easy.

Booking yourself and your staff in for fire training is a straightforward, proactive way of preparing people around you to safely respond to a potentially dangerous fire situation. Not only can you minimise and mitigate the risk of a fire spreading, but you will also learn the skills to give you the confidence and knowledge to use fire extinguishers and other portable fire equipment effectively.

Spartan Fire offers comprehensive and flexible fire training course packages which can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your worksite and staff. Each fire training session is facilitated by an industry specialist and can accommodate up to 20 people; extra classes can be arranged for larger groups.

Fire training sessions are conducted at your workplace, whether this is an office, an aged care facility or large industrial site, and will cover a range of topics including fire extinguisher use, warden/initial response roles and following emergency procedures.

Upon completion of our fire training course, each staff member who has participated will receive a Certificate of Attendance.